Hi - Welcome to Peacockshock. My house on the internet. I'm Ian Peacock

I live in Hertford - a quaint but cool town just north of London England. I'm a media person. I run a consultancy, present radio programmes, do a bit of television and write too. I'm mad about animals and live with my eccentric but fabulous cat Bollinger. I go to the gym, swim a lot, and listen to music non-stop. My family mostly live up north, but also in Denmark and the USA. And I've lived in Newcastle, Durham, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Cambridge, Oxford and London.

So...don't dither on the doorstep. Come in and have a wander round. You can either just scroll down this page and see what takes your fancy. Or you can mouse around the house and click on the different rooms and areas. And keep coming back for new stuff.

Enjoy your stay.


Doughnuts are from Hertford


Hertford is, as you know, responsible for many iconic phenomena – notably evolution and toothbrushes. But I’m delighted to report that Hertford is the home of the doughnut, AKA donut if you’re of an American bent. I must confess to…

Happy 2014

Happy New Year. It’s great boon to know that 2014 has been designated International Year of Family Farming.

pet sheep pet bear pet buffalo

Where Did You Leave It?

I lost my key the other day and stormed randomly round the house fulminating, as you do. ‘What have you lost?’ asked a friend, helpfully. ‘MY KEY’, I replied. ‘Well, where did you leave it?’ came the reply. Is it…

Don’t Be Shocked

shocked potoo bird

Being as eagle-eyed as a blue tit, you may have noticed Peacockshock has a fabulous new look, conjured up by the mad genius Franklin D Roper at Frankweb which is based in the north. Thank you oh Franklin. I am…

Penguin Terminology

I was really impressed by the new ‘penguin beach’ at London Zoo and learnt a few new things about penguins – Rockhoppers are stand-offish divas A group of penguins is a ‘parcel’ When penguins are happy, they jump out of…