Change Your Life on October 4th

If you’ve ever felt nervous about going to a party, meeting a new person, ‘working a room’, or breaking into a group, then this course is for you. It won’t turn you into a loud extrovert (what a horrible thought). But it will help you access your inner resources, ‘fake it to make it’ and use voice and body language techniques to boost your confidence – especially in public situations.
It’s run by top coach Henrietta Bond and – um – me. And it’s based on years of experience in the media and lots of confidence-boosting at the BBC and other prestigious organisations.
‘I don’t know how, but it’s changed my life,’ wrote someone after our last course. So – go on. Book a place. It’ll be fun, informal and interactive – and we’re very supportive.
20% off if you’re a Peacockshock visitor.
All the info on this course and ‘The Confident Presenter’ on November 8th is in the updates section of
See you there.