Fangs Ain’t What They Used To Be

There are lots of dentists in Hertford.
We even have celebrity ones. Victoria Beckham allegedly frequents The Perfect Smile near Peacock Towers. This spa-style practice has also starred on TV’s Extreme Makeover.
And Hudsons on Bull Plain is renowned throughout the globe for its seasonal window displays of fluffy toys.
That’s all well and good. But I draw the line at dental jollity and I’ve been seriously irked in recent weeks by various freakish dental marketing ploys.
The first was a ‘smile makeover’, offered on the Ware Road, of all places. Good grief. What do they do? Tickle you?
Then I saw a sign today saying ‘Nervous Patients Welcome’ and boasting ‘drill-free’ and ‘injection-free’ dentistry.
This is heresy. Going to the dentists ought to be traumatic. It’s a rite of passage.
No pain, no tooth fairy.