Spag Blog

Major bust-up in the literary world this week. I almost came to blows with my novelist pal Henrietta Bond about a reference to Spaghetti Bolognese in her new book Control Freak, out soon.
As far as I’m concerned, the correct abbreviated form is Spag Bol (SPAGhetti BOLognese). But she’s adamant that it’s Spag Bog (as in – um – SPAGhetti BOGognese – hello?)
One must make allowances. She is from East Anglia. But it’ll upset me greatly if Spag Bog gets past the editors. And it may sadly sway my judgement when I chair the Booker Prize next year.
As for the facts – well – if you go on Google, Spag BOL gets 65,500 hits. But, shockingly, Spag BOG manages 91,400. And BOG has even reached the dizzy heights of a Sun headline.
But hits mean nothing, as you know. It’s searches – the number of real people searching for the term – that count. And, when I went onto Google Trends I discovered that no-one in their right mind searches for BOG. It’s BOL that real people look for.
Boll (she’s a bit biased) and I feel vindicated. BOG must go. If they’ve left it in, the book must be pulped.

blue line = Spag BOL
red line (non-existent) = Spag BOG
ie. Spag BOG doesn’t trend at all – no-one’s searching for it
It’s clearly WRONG