Six Degrees – Neil and Christine Hamilton, Tomasz Schafernaker, Fiona Fullerton and two Fenellas

Well, it turns out that my friend Franklin was at the same school as cheeky BBC weather presenter Tomasz Schafernaker and may have been taught by controversial ex-MP Neil Hamilton.

Meanwhile, I once met Christine Hamilton. She revealed that she’d been taught by my friend Laurie Taylor when he was a professor at York, where Greg Dyke went, whom I also met once. He was drinking soup from a paper cup in his office.

And I recalled yesterday that I once met Strictly’s Fiona Fullerton at a party in Milan, with Stirling Moss. But I’d had a few Peronis and it occurs to me it might actually have been Fenella Fielding, as opposed to former Radio 2 newsreader Fenella Fudge. I don’t know Fenella, but I do know her husband Gordon.

Those are today’s namedrops. Thank you.

Neil and Christine Hamilton are informed that Neil taught at Franklin’s school

Tomasz Schafernaker discovers he was at the same school as Franklin

Fiona Fullerton

Strictly’s Alja