The Tavener Test

Sir John Tavener and his cat

Sir John Tavener and his cat

Sad news that one of my favourite composers Sir John Tavener died this week. Among other things, he loved cats and wrote pieces in memory of his pet mogs.

I once walked into a BBC Studio (B14 in BH, if I remember rightly) and there he was – John Tavener – in the corner, all alone in the gloom and looking suitably mysterious. I was so in awe of him, I didn’t say anything. Probably just as well, as I’d have probably have said something deeply stupid.

I’ll still use the Tavener Test, as I call it, despite the fact he’s no longer with us. It’s easy. All you do is mention him, and people either say –

Who’s that? OR

Isn’t he the one that wrote the Diana funeral tune? OR

Which one?

‘Which one?’ is my favourite answer.

John Tavener

John Taverner