Witch Wenham

The last witch to be condemned to death in England was from Walkern village near Hertford. Known locally as a “wise woman”, Jane Wenham complained in 1712 that her neighbour was accusing her of witchcraft. So the local vicar mediated and secured a massive 5p compensation, which she wasn’t happy with. According to local legend, she then cursed the poor vicar’s household and his servant became ill, claiming to be haunted by mysterious wailing cats. Then, as if that wasn’t enough, the servant allegedly came face to face with a mystic mog which had the face of Ms Wenham. It had a knife in its paw, handed it to the servant and said “kill yourself.” So Jane Wenham was put on trial in Hertford. The judge thought the accusations were ridiculous, but the jury found her guilty and she was sentenced to death. However she was granted a Royal Pardon and lived happily ever after, in the care of the Earl of Panshangar who took pity on her. The case stirred up controversy throughout England (click on thumbnails). Twenty years later, the old witchcraft laws were repealed.
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