Hummingbird Audio Landscaping

baby hummingbird on flower hummingbird audio landscaping Ovid would approve. Over the last few months, I, a peacock, have metamorphosed into a hummingbird, in the form of the lovely Hummingbird Audio Landscaping That’s why I’ve not been peacockblogging. Like a hummingbird, I’ve been flapping my wings non-stop and have barely touched the ground. I’ve also been blogging for Hummingbird.

You may care to poke your beak into some of my posts:

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Hummingbird Audio Landscaping also has amazing, quirky Twitter stuff: @hummingbirdbeak Follow now, or I’ll peck you.

And, on our YouTube channel, you can see me (in a suit) and co-designer Kathleen Griffin doing our thing at glitzy Lancaster House So now you know what I’ve been up to. Normal service resumes here as from today.