Porcupettes and Puggles

A porcupine and porcupette

I’ve always been fond of porcupines, or ‘fretful porpentines’ as Shakespeare called them. So I was delighted to discover that baby porcupines are known as … porcupettes.

This prompted me to look up some other baby animal terms.

It turns out that piglets can also be called porklings.

A baby platypus is a platypup.

Baby echidna – puggle

Baby fish – fingerling (fish fingerling?)

Baby mouse – pinkie


Baby peacock – peachick

How adorable.



2 comments for “Porcupettes and Puggles

  1. Ian
    03/02/2018 at 5:25 pm

    Hey. Thanks. I prefer puggles to platypups, so that’s good to know. We have no such creatures here. Dogs, cats and rabbits are about as exotic as it gets in the UK 🙂

  2. Lisa
    16/01/2018 at 7:18 pm

    Hey….i’m from Australia and just wanted to say i’ve never heard of a ‘platypup’. We call baby platypus puggles, like echidna. Check out YouTube for some great platypus videos….particularly ‘Ticklish platypus’. It’s wonderful.

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