All Greeks are Ancient

As you know, I recently became obsessed with people called Jesus, God, Lucifer etc

Here in England, where understatement is everything, we tend to avoid epic names. You don’t tend to bump into many Beowulfs or Boudicas, unless you live in Hampstead.

But it’s suddenly occurred to me that the opposite is true in modern Greece. I once spent a few weeks filing cultural reports from Athens for the lovely BBC and I was struck by the number of seemingly ordinary people called Adonis, Aphrodite, Artemis, Odysseus, Sophocles and so on.

I was also astonished that most Greeks I met could quote the opening lines of the Illiad AND understand Ancient Greek. Imagine the English being able to quote the Gawain Poet or to spontaneously understand Chaucer.

Here are some Athenians I met discussing Ancient Greek names: