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Hertford Swan Update – A Cygnet Called Bieber

The Hertford cygnet’s doing fine, but he sadly hasn’t been joined by any siblings, despite the original count of nine eggs. The swans have now abandoned their nest which is still full of eggs, topped by a pink toddler’s hat…


Hurrah. The neighbourhood swan has had a cygnet. Four more expected. The cygnet – Josh – is very lively and likes perching on his mum’s back.

Rachel Tighe at Arthaus Hertford

It’s definitely worth a stroll down St Andrew Street (when isn’t it?) to view a new set of works by Rachel Tighe at Arthaus including this vivid painting of Parliament Square and the Hertford hart.

Peter Ruffles’s Crispy Secret

I always knew Hertford’s number one celebrity had a sinister secret. Now Peter Ruffles has been rumbled. He’s leading a double life as one of Spain’s leading crisp barons. I spotted these ham-flavoured Ruffles crisps in Las Palmas. Mr Hertford

I Am Not Fleece-ist

Please note that, despite living in Hertford, I possess no fewer than three fleeces. And some of my best friends wear fleeces. Well, my animal friends – horses, dogs, cats, wombats, Shetland ponies and so on.

Not a Fleece Town

‘Hertford’s just not a fleece town,’ insisted the shop manager to someone on the phone. ‘No. I don’t know why. It’s just not a fleece sort of place. We can’t shift the fleeces. No. I’ve no idea why. It’s just…

Gritty Urban Hertford

Boll and I are back after a month up north. We’ve missed the gritty, urban streets of Hertford. So we bought the Herts Mercury to catch up on the buzz. This week’s front-page top story says it all – Crufts-bound…


Thank you to the Hertfordshire Mercury for making my Van Hages meerkat pic their Photo of the Week.

Hertford – Taste The Difference

One good thing about the new Sainsbury’s bridge is that it’s introduced us to this new view. Must be maddening for the people in those riverside houses though. And let’s hope the local swans find a new nesting spot after…

All The Bells – Hertford 8.12 July 27 2012

Olympic tintinnabulations shook Salisbury Square in Hertford this morning at 8.12 am, as part of the national All The Bells ‘happening’. A failed campanologist, I tintinabbulated a bit myself. But my main focus was on recording it for posterity. Hertford…