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CD Case Cracked

It’s official. After weeks of dramatic speculation, Lee Brewster, BBC CD archivist and nubbinologist, has discovered the definitive term for the middly bit of a CD cover which grips CDs in place. This is in fact known in the inner sanctum of the CD world as a…”spider”. Peacockshock is most grateful for this entomological etymological elucidation. Lee would like to point out that he does have many interests other than CD cases.

Definition of a Nubbin

After much consternation and fitful googling, I finally had an epiphany today and consulted the Oxford English Dictionary on the subject of a “nubbin” (scroll down for nubbinabilia and speculation regarding alleged ‘nubbins’ in CD cases…long story). According to my two-volume version of the OED, a nubbin is a “stub, stump, or residual part” and a diminutive form of the word “nub” which is a “knob, small protuberance” or central “point or gist of a story”. This would suggest that “nubbin” is indeed the correct word for the centre of a CD case, on which a CD clicks into place. It is, after all, a small central protuberance. No…I’m not doing any links to sites featuring small or even large protuberances. This is a family blog.

Nubbins News

The great nubbins debate continues (see nubbin-related entries below). Thank you to Frank, a nubbin boffin, for observing that some CD case cognoscenti and CD case manufacturers such as Jewelbox refer to “nubbins” as “hooks” and that companies such as Triggerpack don’t even use them.


Thank you to Lee from BBC CD Archiving who is investigating the word “nubbins.” I suggested in a Peacockshock entry last week that the little teeth in the middle of CD cases were possibly known as “nubbins”, but no-one’s entirely sure and Lee is determined to find out. Watch this space.

Power Baths

I have a shower in my bathroom but I’ve never used it. I’m a bath person. I believe that shower people are feckless and devoid of moral fibre. Baths are excellent for thinking. Archimedes knew this and so should you. One of the most powerful men in the world – the chairman of the US Federal Reserve Alan Greenspan – has a two-hour power-bath every morning at 5.30 am. Good for him.

I Hate CD Cases

I’ve just broken yet another new CD case. Why oh why do they have such flimsy plastic hinges? And why do the little teeth in the middle, which I believe are called “nubbins”, always snap? Can’t someone invent CD cases that aren’t annoying?

Death Clock

I recall Hardy’s Tess of the Durbervilles commenting that, every year, we live through the date on which we’ll die, but we never know or notice it. An odd thought. If you do want to know the date, try the Death Clock. It’s only a bit of fun and not at all scientific, as far as I can see. So don’t be spooked by it. To discover how much longer you’ve got, click on The Death Clock