Where I live

Dunstanburgh Castle

I managed a bracing, blustery walk from Craster towards Dunstanburgh Castle, but gave up half way thanks to the rain. Nice views though.

Dunstanburgh from Craster harbour

The path from Craster to Dunstanburgh

It’s not difficult to see why Turner liked Dunstanburgh Castle and painted it several times


It was my first time in Alnmouth.
Archbishop Theodore held a synod there in 684 (in the presence of King Ecgfrith of Northumbria no less). The synod deposed poor old Bishop Tunberht of Hexham. They then elected St Cuthbert as Bishop of Lindisfarne.
In 1779, during the War of Independence, the Americans tried to invade Alnmouth, firing a cannonball at the church. But it missed, bounced in a field and landed on a farm roof.
And another thing … the crime writer Val McDermid lives in the village.

Dandy Dog in Warden Village

Yes – a dog wearing a cravat, presiding over a 1915 Ford in the car park of the Boatside Inn.

The dog poses as Mum and Dad chat to the driver

St Michael and All Angels Church in Warden

Warden church has (among other things) an Anglo-Saxon tower, a Roman altar in the church itself, and a Norman grave cover depicting a house for the dead.

Stone coffins for a baby and small child