Where I’m from

Kind angels wach (sic) this sleeping dust Till Jesus come to raise the just; Then may she wake with sweet surprize (sic) And in her Saviour’s image rise.

Graves with iron hoops to protect against body snatchers

Langley Castle

Langley was built in the 14th century, restored by Cadwallader Bates in the 19th century and is now a luxury hotel owned by an American.

Am Gannin Doon The Sports Direct Arena Pet

A typical Newcastle United supporter Newcastle institution St James’ Park (pronounced St James’s Park) is now the Sports Direct Arena. How classy. It’s been called St James’s for 119 years and 87% of fans, including Ant and Dec no less,…

Alan Wick

Alnwick Castle Note to BBC TV News during the snow in Northumberland – Alnwick’s not pronounced ALAN-wick. It’s ANN-ick. Ponteland isn’t PONT-ee-land. It’s Pon-TEE-land. You have a Pronunciation Unit. Phone it. Thank you.

New Westerhope Book – By My Dad Tom Peacock

Dad’s new book is out now. It’s an excellent history of Westerhope Village near Newcastle, where I was born, with loads of archive photos and interesting stories. One fascinating fact from the book – it’s called ‘Westerhope’ because it was…

Shock Headline

Thankfully, it’s not as bad as it seems. It’s all about Geordie teeth which are quite similar to Neanderthal ones at equivalent ages, suggesting Neanderthals didn’t age as quickly as we thought.


We went to Lindisfarne (aka Holy Island) the other day. The sea floods in over the causeway pretty quickly, so you’ve got to be very cautious about crossing only during the official slots. You can also walk over the sand…