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Friends and friends of friends

At James’s Dad’s, celebrating his 60th

Daire Brehan 1957 – 2012

So sad to hear about Daire. She was an fantastic friend and brilliant broadcaster. Radio presenter Daire Brehan dies – BBC News Daire Brehan Obituary – Broadcast Great Obituary of Daire in the Independent

Daire with Bolly and her beloved dachshund Sushi

Six Degrees – One Direction

One Direction I’ve realised I’m virtually a member of the boyband du jour – One Direction. They were formed by Nicole Scherzinger, on/off partner of Lewis Hamilton, who lives in Tewin near Hertford, which is where my accountant lives. I…

Six Degrees – Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg I’ve just realised I’m practically related to Steven Spielberg. For a start, I know a sibling of the star of one of Spielberg’s films. My next door neighbour S provided the sand for Saving Private Ryan. Spielberg was…

Six Degrees – Julia Child

I watched the excellent Julie and Julia on DVD today and suddenly realised I have an impressively direct Julia Child namedrop. Here it is – I once had coffee with friends (well, friends of the parents of a friend) in…

Six Degrees – The Monkees, Alice Cooper, Keanu Reeves

A friend of mine was at college with someone whose dad was in the Monkees and who was babysat by Alice Cooper, who also babysat Keanu Reeves. Hope he wasn’t in full make-up. Alice Cooper babysitting Keanu Reeves – apologies…

Six Degrees – Glee

Dr Laura Sue Sylvester mentioned Dr Laura on Glee this week. I once met Dr Laura Schlessinger, the US talkshow host. And I interviewed (aka ‘had a row with’) her on the BBC. That means I’m just one degree of…

Six Degrees – Princess Anne

My friend Franklin was in a taxi in the Cotswolds the other day and went past Princess Anne. His cab driver confirmed that it really was her and not an impersonator or a drag queen. I asked Franklin what she…

Six Degrees

The sister of the producer of my next Radio 4 programme is the producer of Gok Wan.