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Breaking News – cat stranded on wet floor

bolly cat stranded on wet floor

I decided to mop the kitchen floor earlier. Bolly, meanwhile, decided she wasn’t going to budge. So I mopped around her. Now she’s stranded on a tiny island of dry floor looking pensive and threatening to phone the RSPCA.

Alexis (Lex) 1995 – 2014

lex persian cat 12

The lovely Alexis was born in 1995 and moved to Marylebone in London with her little brother Dexter (Dex). The two fluffies then moved to Essex.

Alexis subsequently moved to Todmorden with Henrietta and Franklin who gave her a fabulous life. She also had two step cats (but largely ignored them), a step horse, and numerous step hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits.

Lex enjoyed sitting on Franklin. She also liked to pose like a furry bookend on the opposite arm of the chair to Dexter. And they weren’t averse to lying on the ironing board. She was also rather partial to cardboard boxes.

Her all-time favourite food was processed ham. And she preferred drinking water directly from taps.

For me, her most endearing habit was rescuing people from bathrooms and toilets. No sooner did you enter, than a small ball of silver fluff came hurtling in like Supercat to prevent you from drowning or whatever.

We’ll all really miss her. She was such a sweety.

lex persian cat 9lex persian cat 2OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAlex persian cat 15lex persian cat 3OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   lex persian cat 6

Penguin Terminology

I was really impressed by the new ‘penguin beach’ at London Zoo and learnt a few new things about penguins –

Rockhoppers are stand-offish divas

A group of penguins is a ‘parcel’

When penguins are happy, they jump out of the water like flying fish – this is known as ‘porpoising’