Pets’ Room

All Creatures Great and Small

Charlie and Bollinger

Bollinger sharing some gossip with Charlie.


Sue and Chris’s cat Monty, from Wymondham in Norfolk. Monty is fifteen and used to live with me in Cambridge. He particularly likes my mum’s fruit cake. If you’d like to see my mum’s fruit cake, check out the Radio 4 Home Truths Website and scroll down the cake-sharing page for a photograph of it.


Frank and Henrietta’s cat Alexis, who lives in Waltham Abbey. Alexis enjoys posing on top of her catfood tub.


Frank and Henrietta’s cat Dexter. Dex is very sweet but prone to moments of vagueness. His favourite food is processed ham.


Frank and Henrietta’s cat Maud. Maud is very fond of her fluffy purple mouse and the duvet in the front bedroom.


Henrietta’s rabbit Sebastian. He’s an Essex boy, but he’s quite shy and polite and has never knowingly worn a Burberry baseball cap.


Fran’s Cat Livia, who lives in London. Fran elicited the following statement from Livvy: “Here I am at the top of the stairs, in my favourite warm spot. I was rescued from a cat home by Fran, who feeds me tuna. I like to chase balls, sleep and sit in the garden. I don’t like squirrels.”


Alexis the cat, assuming a Gothic expression.

Happy 5th Birthday Bollinger!

Bollinger’s five today, along with Tigger, Piggy and her other brother, who live in Oxford. Happy Birthday to all of them. Boll woke me up at 6.10 am to celebrate. I gave her a mouse on an elastic string and some gourmet catfood. Mum and Dad gave her a card and a mouse with catnip which she’s played with non-stop. Click on thumbnails for larger photos.