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Bunny Apple Alert

I innocently gave the rabbits an apple for breakfast yesterday. But they only ate part of it. And, when I got home, it was abuzz with wasps. Hertford is currently suffering from a wasp invasion (“Wasp Wars” is the frontpage headline in the local paper). Thankfully, the rabbits ignored the wasps. But it’s the last time I’ll ever give them apples at this time of year. Also…remember…if you have a rabbit, get it protected against flystrike in the summer. Ask your vet to treat it with Rearguard or something similar. This is a sort of anti-fly hair-gel. It will protect your rabbit and also give it a fashionable Gareth-Gates-style hairdo.

My Favourite Ferret

My friend Henrietta held a very enjoyable picnic the other day in a field at her stables. And we were joined for a post-prandial promenade by Bandit the ferret who was visiting the yard on his lead. I took him for a walk and introduced him to several horses including Rico. Bandit wasn’t at all shy and drank from the horses’ water buckets. He’s half-ferret, half-polecat and normally lives in his owner’s flat. Thanks to Frank for the ferret photo