Porcupettes and Puggles

I’ve always been fond of porcupines, or ‘fretful porpentines’ as Shakespeare called them. So I was delighted to discover that baby porcupines are known as … porcupettes. This prompted me to look up some other baby animal terms. It turns…

Worst Geordie accent ever?

Here’s what happens when you cast an LA actor to play a Geordie – possibly the worst Geordie accent ever

Damn Daniel! White Vans versus white vans. Divided by a common language.

OK, I’ll explain. There’s a bunch of video clips which have recently gone viral, featuring a Californian teenager called Daniel. He’s a snappy dresser who likes white Vans trainers (or ‘sneakers’ if you’re from the US). As soon as he…


I appear to have sparked controversy by suggesting that I roam the streets at night attacking unsuspecting plants with weed killer. Please note that I was indulging in Juvenalian satire (pretentious? moi?) and don’t literally mean everything I say. Rather…

Non-U gardeners beware

As you no doubt know, I’m a garden snob. I openly vandalise variegated ivy after dark. I’d rather poison myself with Roundup than be seen in the presence of a plastic pot. And, as for the tasteless suburban wretches who…

Actually, we’re having Ethiopian Hen this year

There’s nothing like a Meleagris Gallopavo with all the trimmings for Christmas (or Thanksgiving). That’s a turkey to you and me. Or a twrci if you’re Welsh and like spelling things oddly for the sake of it. I’m sure you…

Dogs (and cat) get happy on the beach – viral video from Oz

cat dogs malibu australia pharrell happy

If you need to kick the January blues, just watch this amazing video of dogs and a cat on the beach accompanied by Happy by Pharrell Williams.

Digda the cat belongs to the dogs’ trainer Robert Dollwet who runs Malibu Dog Training in New South Wales, Australia. There are more videos on the Malibu Dog Training YouTube Channel

Oddly for a dog trainer, Digda is his only pet. She has her own YouTube channel Catmantoo which has loads of cat training tips. Bolly watch out.

Robert has lots of experience in dog training, with the army, the police and celebrities such as Mel Gibson, Pamela Anderson and Olivia Newton John. And he takes the dogs, and Digda, for a beach party once they’ve graduated from their training course.

Digda is clearly top dog, so to speak.