Shorn sheep shouldn’t sleep in a shack. Shorn sheep should sleep in a shed (Anon)

Peculiar Picture

Thank you to Tony Barton for alerting me to this extremely peculiar picture, from Awkward Family Photos

Peculiar Picture

Private Francis Edmund Bilton, Great War, 1915 – with friend in the background.

Peculiar Picture

Italian politician Massimo D’Alema and a pug. Which one is which? I have no idea.

Paranormal Santa Claus

Unidentified Flying Santas are attracting the attention of paranormal researchers, according to the Boston Globe. Could aliens or ghosts be manifesting themselves as St Nicholas?

Spooked by the Son of a Preacher Man

Goodness knows what possessed me to download the Aretha Franklin version of Son of a Preacher Man at 6am on Thursday. But I did. I just had a sudden whim I wanted to listen to it on my way to…


‘Oh, you’re the autistic one,’ beamed the elderly lady I was introduced to by my parents. Silence and awkward glances round the restaurant table. ‘Pardon?’ I replied, frantically flicking through my mental guide to etiquette. ‘I’ve heard all about you.…

Me And Angela Merkel

You know when you get a sudden whim to find out what someone’s doing nowadays? Well, I had that very whim regarding a German boy who I did a school exchange with in the 1980s. My SchĂĽleraustauschpartner, as the Germans…