Here, there, everywhere

Drip Drip Hooray in Hyde Park

Despite feeling a bit peaky, I summoned my dwindling Dunkirk spirit to join some friends for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Procession on Tuesday. It was all very English – full of people desperately trying to be jolly in the rain.

After a somewhat-too-leisurely pub lunch, we got confused and ended up being kettled (in a nice way) and shunted into Hyde Park to watch it on a big screen. On the way, we were lucky enough to be overtaken by some royal horses which trotted by just a few feet away.

The weather went all wuthering in the park, so the assembled masses hunkered down and used their £2 plastic flags as ponchos/kagools/headscarves. It was all terribly Blue Peter.

We cheered in a sodden sort of way when the Royal Family appeared on the balcony, and we had a good view of the flypast which miraculously made it under the clouds.

Back home, I removed my jumper, hoodie and anorak and crouched over a convector heater with a hot chocolate, before retiring at 9.20 pm.

Knighthood please. Thank you ma’am.

Close Encounters of the Canarian Kind

¡Hola! I’m back from Gran Canaria. One of the highlights of the trip was a close encounter with a hoopoe in the villa garden. Quite magical. I’d seen them in books but had no idea I’d ever meet one. The low point was falling on top of a large cactus.

a cute hoopoe

my arm, after I fell onto the cactus (I’ve now recovered 100%)