Here, there, everywhere

the suspect – pretty sure this is the feral cactus which savaged me

the friendly dove that visited the villa every day for breakfast

the dunes on the way to the beach (I took this photo – no, it’s not a postcard)

pooch del playa

Foreign Parts

Hello. I’m abroad now till the end of May. Henrietta is kindly coming to stay and look after Bolly. See you in June.

Google’s a Teenager

Happy 13th Birthday Google.
Dating from 1998, Google’s actually quite elderly in internet terms. But it’s not as old as Yahoo (16) which dates from January 16 1995.
Other internet phenomena such as Spotify (3) and Audioboo (2) are mere toddlers.
As for their cousins –
Facebook is 7 (4 February 2004)
YouTube is 6 (February 14 2005) and
that little whippersnapper Twitter is 5 (March 21 2006)

Battersea Sunset

I reverted to my Town Mouse status at the weekend, staying in trendy Vauxhall with my friend James. Here’s the view from his flat on Saturday.

Glen Coe

Ladies of the Lake, on Loch Katrine in the Trossachs, making origami swans for us