Here, there, everywhere

Peacock Visits Pineapple

I took this photo today at the Dunmore Pineapple in Scotland. I was visiting it for my forthcoming radio programme about pineapples. It’s a folly, dreamt up by an 18th century earl. The real pineapple on the lawn was placed there by me, but they did once grow pineapples there. You can actually stay in The Pineapple, via the Landmark Trust who rent out eccentric historic buildings to holidaymakers. My programme’s on Radio 4 at the end of September.

Wells Cathedral clock

I’ve just been recording interviews in Wells Somerset. And I managed a trip to the cathedral to see the famous Wells clock. Made in 1390, it’s still working. Every quarter hour, a bunch of jousting knights whizz around the top. Meanwhile, in a nearby nook, a quarter jack strikes a bell with his heel. It represents a pre-Copernican universe, with the earth at its centre. And it’s actually very easy to read.

The Long-Nosed Potoroo

I recently came face-to-face with a Long-Nosed Potoroo in London Zoo and rather took to it. The Long-Nosed Potoroo lives in Tasmania and it’s nocturnal. It was the first Australian animal to be officially described (in 1789). And it’s sometimes known as a “Rat Kangaroo”, which is rather insulting in my view.

Curiosity Shop Athens

To celebrate the Olympics, this is a photo I took of an eccentric shop in Athens.