Monthly Archives: May 2005

Inspirational Quotation

I have a new philosophy. I’m going to dread only one day at a time.
Charles Schulz

Granny Beats The Drum

I’m not a record producer. But if I were, I’d be flying off to Moldova this week to sign the drum-beating granny from their Eurovision entry.

Her brief but moving appearance reduced me to tears.

The Moldovan entry, performed by the inspired Zdob si Zdub, was entitled Bunica Bate Toba (Granny Beats The Drum) but tragically only came 6th.

Phd students are already allegedly clamouring to write theses on the lyrics, which have been compared to the works of TS Eliot, Phillip Larkin and Seamus Heaney:

I love so much doba making boom-bo.
Now get your body moving, just follow the tune.
It’s a real magic- big mama play her drum-a.
She’s flying into trance like an Indian shaman.
Who is the Beatles? Who is Peter Pan?
Who is the gypsy Hendrix?
She don’t care, that misses L.
I smile, I cry when I see that crazy baba.
Dizzy tempo, dizzy let’s go my music-mama.
Granny beats the drum-a.
Granny beats it hard.
Granny beats the drum-a with the mallet in the big house.

To watch Zdob si Zdub’s classic performance, go to the BBC’s Eurovision Site


Rabbits Under Hutch Arrest

Reuters: Moet and Florence, the ‘Hertford Two’, are currently confined to their hutch and run after deciding to burrow all over broadcaster Ian Peacock’s garden and eat most of his plants. “I don’t know where I went wrong,” said Peacock. “I brought them up so well. But I fear they may have got into drugs at prep school.” The rabbits now face an ASBO (Anti-Social Bunny Order). If you see them in the Hertford area, do not approach them as they may be dangerous. Moet is described as “cute and fluffy with a white nose”. Florence has “long ears, a white tail and a sweet pointy nose.”

You Must Visit This Site

Thanks to the brilliant Andre for recommending an absurdly funny site featuring a very peculiar but oddly uplifting webcam dance. Have the sound turned on.