Monthly Archives: September 2005

A Rosy-Lipped Batfish (real photo)
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Health Update

I’m now visiting the exercise bikes at the gym most days. In the programming section, I put my age down as “60” when no-one’s looking, then I peddle like an old person with my pulse at 124 bpm. It’s very boring, but there are lots of vast widescreen TVs in the bike section, so I sit there watching various friends and acquaintances reading the news with very large wide heads. I know I’ll have nightmares about this.
The dizziness is still terrible. Everything wobbles all the time. It’s like being trapped in a home video shot by an alcoholic. I fell over backwards yesterday and smashed my favourite lamp. But I’m seeing my GP on Monday, so no doubt all will be well.

National Meetings Week

Next week is National Meetings Week 2005. To celebrate it, I’ll be holding a 24 hour Powerpoint presentation in a boring voice. I do hope you’ll be joining me. Refreshments will be served after the first 15 hours.

Nero Hits Hertford

Hertford now has a Caffè Nero, which is excellent. The coffee’s very good and it’s very well located for people-watching. But an odd question occurred to me this morning over my Regular Latte – Why is it called Caffè Nero? Nero was a dissolute maniac who just sat there and fiddled (well, actually played his lyre) when Rome was burning. What next? A Caligula Teashop on Fore Street. A Hitler Patisserie on Parliament Square?

Brainy Bunny Foxes Dog

Chester and the rabbit
I was amused to read an amazing story of rabbit derring-do in today’s Times.
Chester the dog, from Richmond North Yorkshire, loves chasing rabbits. And he was doing just that when the rabbit in question (see photos) decided to dive into a pond and swim for it.
But Chester almost caught up. So the rabbit decided there was only one option – to scramble on to Chester’s back and cling on till they were back on terra firma. Chester couldn’t reach the rabbit and swam for dry land, whereupon the rabbit darted into a bush and escaped.
So it ended happily ever after…for the rabbit. Hurrah.

Boll’s New Autumn Look

Now it’s officially autumn, Bollinger has resumed sleeping in her box near the radiator. She’s also taken to sitting, for the first time ever, inside her fluffy blue tower. And my Nike rucksack is very in this autumn as a cat sofa.