Monthly Archives: October 2005

Halloween Cat And Pumpkin

boll pumpkin.jpg
It’s Halloween. So here’s a deeply frightening photograph of my personal witch’s familiar Grey Bollingerkin, posing menacingly next to a spectral pumpkin.

I’m Back

Hello. I’m back in Hertford. Here’s a photo I took last week on the coast when I was at Mum and Dad’s. It was 22° C.


I’m heading northwards for a few days. Back on 31st.

The Marsupial Factor

m factor.jpg
The Judges – Simon, Sharon, Louis and a Possum
The Marsupial of the Month has been such a huge hit that Peacockshock is launching a ‘Marsupial Factor’ contest to find November’s marsupial. Please vote by contacting
You have a choice of three celebrity marsupials. The winner will be announced on 1st November.

Celebrity Marsupial No 1 – Skippy The Bush Kangaroo

greer marsupial.jpg
Celebrity Marsupial No 2 – Professor Germaine Greer

crash bandicoot.jpg
Celebrity Marsupial No 3 – Crash Bandicoot

Ducks’ Quacks DO Echo

I’m not complaining. I like getting emails with quirky facts in them. But, as a sound person, I’ve always been very suspicious of the “Duck’s quacks don’t echo” one. I was listening to some ducks the other day on the river and I could have sworn I heard a bit of reverb. So – I checked the facts. And it’s a fact that QUACKS DO ECHO. The Acoustics team at Salford University teamed up with Daisy the duck to explore the myth. They put her in an anechoic chamber (room devoid of echo) and established that, surprise surprise, her quack didn’t echo there. This also gave them a ‘control’ quack. But Daisy DID echo in a more natural environment. It wasn’t a very obvious echo though. Ducks’ quacks often appear not to echo because (1) they’re relatively quiet and (2) ducks rarely quack near reflective surfaces. You can listen to Daisy echoing (‘reverberant duck in wav format’) on:
Salford Uni Quack Report and
BBC Daisy Duck Story

Daisy being recorded in natural environment

daisy anechoic duck.jpg
Daisy in an anechoic chamber

Hertford 20th October 2005

Thursday was a very crisp Autumn day, so I took my camera with me on my peregrinations around Hertford.

Swans on the River Lee near the house