Monthly Archives: October 2005

Halloween Cat And Pumpkin

It’s Halloween. So here’s a deeply frightening photograph of my personal witch’s familiar Grey Bollingerkin, posing menacingly next to a spectral pumpkin.

I’m Back

Hello. I’m back in Hertford. Here’s a photo I took last week on the coast when I was at Mum and Dad’s. It was 22° C.


I’m heading northwards for a few days. Back on 31st.

The Marsupial Factor

The Judges – Simon, Sharon, Louis and a Possum The Marsupial of the Month has been such a huge hit that Peacockshock is launching a ‘Marsupial Factor’ contest to find November’s marsupial. Please vote by contacting You have a…

Celebrity Marsupial No 1 – Skippy The Bush Kangaroo

Celebrity Marsupial No 2 – Professor Germaine Greer

Celebrity Marsupial No 3 – Crash Bandicoot

Ducks’ Quacks DO Echo

I’m not complaining. I like getting emails with quirky facts in them. But, as a sound person, I’ve always been very suspicious of the “Duck’s quacks don’t echo” one. I was listening to some ducks the other day on the…

Daisy being recorded in natural environment

Daisy in an anechoic chamber

Swans on the River Lee near the house