Monthly Archives: September 2006

St James’s

I spent some time this week working in St James’s in London – the home of England’s most exclusive gentlemen’s clubs. It was like being in a timewarp. I felt like Miss Marple on a trip to Claridges. I saw pinstripes, meticulously-folded handkerchieves in top pockets, buttonholes, pipes, and horn-rimmed glasses. Everyone looked and sounded like Leslie Phillips.
At one point on my perambulations, I encountered one of those narrow passageways under some scaffolding and gave way to an elderly gent.
“Eye of a needle, old chap,” he said. “Eye of a needle.”


Hi. I’m now back from the south coast of Gran Canaria. It was muy bien. The villa was on the edge of a mini-desert of sand dunes and had a resident cat called Pedro. It also had air con thankfully, as it was 44° degrees when we arrived and didn’t make it below 25.

Photo I took the of the dunes near the villa

Me and my Pedro

Pedro on the patio


Faro (lighthouse) Maspalomas

My trendy beach towel

Dressed for dinner


Alfie lives with Matt and Jaime in Banbury and is quite a character, as you can see.