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It’s Official – The French Eat Cats

A French friend emailed me regarding last week’s pin-up (a cat grooming a guinea pig).
Her comment –
‘Mmmm. Wonder what it would taste like lightly sauteed in garlic with a herb butter dressing.’
I emailed back to say this confirmed my suspicion that the French ate cats, but she denied this, saying she was referring to the guinea pig. She clearly felt this was more acceptable.
Thank goodness for the English Channel.

Six Degrees

More impressive namedrops to make you seethe with envy.
I met someone last week who once interviewed Mother Teresa.
I briefly worked in the same office as Gordon Brown‘s wife Sarah. I sat about five feet away from her. She made me a cup of tea.
My friend Julian has recently been to Geneva with John Barrowman. Julian’s wife Rebecca is Jordan‘s ghost-writer.
My friend Henrietta is about to work with Melinda Messenger. And, as you may already know, Henrietta’s parents had Margaret Thatcher for tea. My Peacockshock pal Hazel has slept in several beds previously occupied by La Thatcher.
Thatcher also came to my college in Cambridge a year before I was there and was hissed at by students in the library.
As for Big Brother – well, I live in the same county as the BB house. Pete with Tourettes from last year’s BB walked past me a few weeks ago. And I chatted to Brian Dowling (well – said ‘excuse me’) in the Shadow Lounge bar.
I hope you’re impressed by the extreme directness of these megastar namedrops.

An Interesting Wee Website

During a (totally innocent) googling session this morning, I stumbled on a very odd website. Do not click on if you’re a prim, proper or shockable person. It features photos of eccentric and picturesque loos around the world. There are no human beings in the photos thankfully. Here are my three favourites.

Taj Mahal

Felix Club Hong Kong

Stockholm Airport


I’m now on facebook because everybody is, so you have to be. It’s a bit more user-friendly than myspace and I like the minimalist design. The names of some of the groups are rather amusing too. Purely because of their names, I’m thinking of joining the groups called:
The drunken text appreciation society
People who always have to spell their names for other people

If you can’t differentiate between ‘you’re’ and ‘your’, you deserve to die

Please Yes

Thanks many to the Peacockshock visitor who kindly emailed me night last regarding the cat and guinea pig photo.
His comment: ‘cute, very’.
When I was trained to write news at the BBC, we were always taught never to write backwards as it can lead to comical ambiguity.
Indeed, to comical ambiguity it can lead, as in:
After eating my lunch, the waiter engaged me in conversation.
And while I’m on, the answer to ‘How are you?’ is: ‘Well, thank you’.
It is not: ‘Good’.
When I ask you how you are, I’m not enquiring about your opinion on your ethical status. I simply want you to say ‘well’, even if you’re ill.
Now go away and stop annoying me.
Away. Go.

Pin-Up of the Week

A cat and guinea pig who are best friends (more great guinea pig stuff at cavymadness)

As Steals The Morn

I can’t stop listening to the new Mark Padmore CD of Handel Arias – ‘As Steals the Morn’. It’s the best classical release of 2007 in my opinion.
‘A beguilingly rich and sensitive recital from one of the most thoughtful tenors of his generation. Mark Padmore uses extraordinary diction and whispering chamber-like intimacy. Padmore is a master of taste, restraint and unassuming gesture.’
Gramophone Magazine