Monthly Archives: August 2007

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is the lovely Louise from Hertford. Louise is James’s cuddly canine companion. She enjoys food, strolling through town and sitting in the car (with her seatbelt on) chatting to James who is her best friend.

Bolly’s Toyboy

Introducing Jess, who lives nearby in a wooden house and visits Boll most evenings for a chat. It’s been a bit on-off. At first, Boll hissed and growled at him. But she’s mellowed and they now sit near each other…

Bollinger Grooming

Boll enjoys her daily grooming routine and often leaves her tongue sticking out afterwards by mistake. This is a pic of her grooming today.

Great Cosmic Nothingness

Apparently, scientists have found a great cosmic nothingness. It’s a big hole – devoid of normality – and they’ve no idea why it’s there. Good to know that Stevenage is finally on the cosmic map.

Beach Bunny

My next door neighbours went to Clacton on Sea today – to a ‘no dogs allowed’ beach. But, despite the restriction, they noticed a large fluffy creature on a lead running round a deckchair and occasionally taking a drink from…

Severed Foot in Water Tank

The water tank developed a small leak when I was in Thailand, so I got a plummer in. After a lot of fumbling, he emerged with a grim discovery. A human foot, fossilised by limescale. ‘Don’t worry boss,’ he said.…


Hi (Sawadee Crap). I’m now back from Bangkok, where I was doing TV interviews with diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Being August, it was the rainy season, but the sun was pretty fierce most mornings. Temperatures hovered, as…

Room with a View

the view from my 16th floor bedroom – over the hotel pool (6th floor) and the rarely-used helipad (10th floor) where the staff played football most evenings

River Cottage

We spent our one day off in a rainforest visiting a traditional ‘homestay’ house on stilts. It was made of ancient teak. Because teak trees are so wide, it only had seven floorboards.

Down The Haunted River

In the evening, we took a trip down the river which the house was on. The river was allegedly haunted and had spirit houses (mini temples on stilts) for the local ghosts. This stretch of river was also famous for…

an old lady on her way home from the floating market