Monthly Archives: September 2007

Radio 4 is 40

I’m appearing (in a somewhat odd context) on Radio 4’s 40th Birthday programme at the weekend. It’s followed by a comedy special with Radio 4 regular Stephen Fry and Matt Lucas (Little Britain was on Radio 4 before TV).

Rufus Wainwright

Rufus A big thank you to Laurence for converting me to the excellent Rufus Wainwright. I’ve just downloaded the album Want One and it’s sublimely brilliant. Here’s one of the lyrics – Vibrate My phone’s on vibrate for you. Electroclash…

Martha 2003-2007

Henrietta and Frank’s rabbit Martha was a lovely bunny and great friend to Humphrey.

It Came, It Saw, It Conkered

Horsechestnut trees are evil I’m seething with the horsechestnut tree near my house. It hates me and has been bombarding my roof with conkers all night. I have only one word to say to it, and that word is ‘axe’.…

Foreign Accent Syndrome

A boy from York has suddenly developed a posh southern accent after recovering from a brain op. William McCartney Moore, 10, now uses long ‘a’ sounds (‘carstle’ instead of ‘castle’). And he

Gillmark Gallery

one of the book rooms I’m a big fan of Hertford’s Gillmark Gallery which sells old maps, prints, books and postcards in various quaint and higgledypiggledy rooms. It’s at 25 Parliament Square. And it’s good news that we’re getting a…