Monthly Archives: December 2007

Training Cats and Dogs

dog (middle of pic, with person in orange) and cat (slightly to right) playing peepo on train
I was on a train with Boll the other day. And Boll wasn’t alone. The carriage was alarmingly full of cats and dogs. Bolls was asleep in her box. But there was a rather noisy and curious Siamese kitten across the aisle running around on a lead. And a pointy-eared dog sitting ominously near to it.
As Bolly slept, they played cat and mouse (so to speak) for several hours – peeping out at each other and amusing the bored passengers.

Happy Christmas

A very happy Christmas from Bollinger and me.
I’ve finally had my tooth taken out in hospital (sorry – the tooth saga has somewhat eclipsed my peacockshocking recently) and I’m back home for two weeks off.
See you again when Boll and I emerge from hibernation in early January 2008.

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is a squirrel, eating nuts outside my bedroom window this week.

This Year’s Christmas Tree

I’m worried it’s too big and people will think I’m being all extravagant and nouveau riche. Advice please.

All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth

I have a sore tooth and – because of my peculiar heart which is prone to wibblings and is easily influenced by my other parts – they’ve put me on antibiotic pills the size of sausages.
They’ve also booked me in to have the tooth removed in hospital next week. Just as well it’s next week, as I’m doing a corporate voiceover this week and don’t want to sound like a deranged person with random dentures.
I’ll keep you posted on this exciting pre-Christmas drama.

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is the long-eared jerboa. It lives in the Gobi Desert, has cute furry feet, hops like a kangaroo and has just been filmed for the first time ever. The video really is worth watching if you like sweet and eccentric animals.

Amir Khan is Peacock Fan

It’s good to know that boxer Amir Khan trains at London’s Peacock Gym, where Bolly the cat works part-time as a personal trainer.

I watched Amir winning last night – all 72 seconds of it.

That means – for the fans who paid £160 for a ticket – one second cost £2.20

Let’s hope Amir spends it all down at the Peacock.


The Cat of Christmas Past

one of my new cat postcards
I was in an antiquarian book shop today, buying some old cat poscards. And I noticed one or two cards wishing relatives a happy Christmas.
One – dated 1907 – had been posted on December 24th.
Clearly the habit of leaving Christmas to the very last minute isn’t anything new. On the other hand – I guess people didn’t really have time off to prepare in advance a hundred years ago. And – with two posts a day and a reliable service – at least they could guarantee it would arrive on time.