Monthly Archives: January 2008

A Pilcrow

I like pilcrows. They’re the ghosts of punctuation. They signify nothingness.


A Hertford resident tries her first latte Starbucks are now recruiting for their forthcoming outlet in Hertford. Let’s hope the new branch doesn’t repeat a recent controversial Starbucks innovation in the USA.

Roaring Meg

the Roaring Meg river in Stevenage I visited the Roaring Meg Retail Park in Stevenage the other day and was overcome with curiosity about Meg and her roaring. Was she a resident of Stevenage? Why did she roar? So I…


I’ve learnt something new this weekend. ‘Hippopotomonstrosesquipedeliaophobia’ is now considered to be the longest word in English. It means ‘the fear of long words’.

Nintendo Boll

I noticed the cover of Nintendo Cats and Dogs today in a shop and was struck by the astounding similarity between the Nintendo cat and Bolly (pictured right – as a kitten). Clearly she’s been modelling behind my back to…

Rupert (The) Bear

Rupert – a bear There was a letter in The Times (or The Telegraph – can’t remember) this week, bemoaning the widespread use of ‘Rupert the Bear’. Rupert is, of course, just ‘Rupert Bear’. Why dub him ‘Rupert the Bear’,…

Six Degrees

According to a totally unsubstantiated rumour doing the rounds in Hertford, Bollinger’s vet also looks after the Blue Peter cats Socks and Cookie.

Six Degrees

Inspired by Bollinger’s impressive new connections, here are some utterly pathetic and desperate quasi-namedrops relating to me and Blue Peter. I can almost sense Shep in the room as I write.