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The Afternoon Shift

I’ve just realised it’s exactly ten years today since the last edition of Radio 4’s Afternoon Shift programme which dominated my life for three years when I was a daily features reporter. It was great fun (even if I frequently…

Places I Like – Alnwick, Northumberland

I was deeply shocked the other day when a friend from the south admitted she’d never heard of Alnwick in Northumberland. Alnwick is considered one of the most picturesque towns in the UK. It has an imposing medieval castle (the…

Ich Heisse Lumpi. Ich bin ein Hund. Wienerschnitzel schmeckt mir gut.

If, like me, you were introduced to German by the frighteningly aryan Hans Schaudi, his sinister schnitzel-obsessed family, his disturbed beagle Lumpi and his spooky sidekick Lieselotte, you’ll shout ‘Toll! Das ist aber schön!’ and possibly even ‘Mein Bein tut…

Hans and Lumpi. NB Lumpi was a Beagle and not a Dachshund, as claimed by the conspiracy theorists who view Vorw

Hans, Lieselotte and Lumpi search for mushrooms

Lumpi gets lost in the wood

Hans Schaudi. What’s that thing on his head? An insect? I don’t recall any references to it during my German lessons.


I received an odd email this morning and wasn’t sure whether it was spam or not, so I opened it. It announced Grand Duke of All Russia Valery Kubarev Big Kubensky (Flavy Valery Cubara – Jacob Constantine XV) declares the…

Youths’ Suits

I bought this 1902 antique print yesterday for a mere £5 and intend to put it up next to my wardrobe. If a 2008 yoof dressed like this, I suspect he’d be severely beaten up.