Monthly Archives: May 2008

Boll to be Hertford North Station Master

Boll didn’t want to be outdone by her Japanese lookalike Tama, so has donned a 1951 station master’s hat and is rumoured to be taking over at Hertford North.

Station Cat in a Hat

A cat has become station master at a railway station in Kinokawa, Japan. Bollinger lookalike Tama, 9, has an office, wears an official cap and is paid a salary of cat food. Profits have gone up by 10% since Tama…

A Few of my Favourite Dings

My friend Ding the horse has just moved house to a new yard quite near to Hertford. He seems to be settling in very well and did a Hello-style photoshoot yesterday with his human Henrietta.


I popped into the wondrous Van Hage garden centre in Ware today and discovered the Baobab Jungle shop in an African hut near the cafe. Among other things, they sell West African brass hooks and I bought one featuring a…


I also like the Keerapa symbol for good fortune because it makes me think of Bolly. The philosophy it represents is ‘cleanliness is next to godliness’ or, more specifically, ‘sanctity, like a cat, abhors filth’ (kerapa te se okera –…


The Epa symbol is a self-help book in itself. It means ‘you are the slave of him whose handcuffs you wear’ (onii a n epa da wo nsa no, ne akowa ne wo).


The Fofoo symbolises envy and appears to be inspired by a jealous plant. ‘What the fofoo plant wants is that the gyinantwi seeds should turn black’ (se die fofoo pe ne se gyinantwi abo bedie). That’s the last time I…

Dismal Pies Latest

The magpies are getting worse. My neighbours saw them swooping on little Jess the cat. They didn’t hurt him, but he was apparently a bit ruffled. Thankfully, I reckon Bolly’s too big to be a Magpie target.


I’ve just heard a TV reporter describing something as ‘very unique’. No. It’s either ‘unique’ or not. ‘Unique’ is an absolute adjective, like ‘dead’. You can’t say – ‘I’m sorry – he’s slightly dead’. But I must applaud a friend…


I had to email a student (a uni student) the other day. His reply – soz m8- ASL? This apparently means I’m terribly sorry but I’ve totally forgotten who you are. I had to go on Google to translate. Soz…