Monthly Archives: August 2008

Silly Surnames Continued

Following my recent witterings about Finnish and Latvian names, thank you to Laurence for sending me some Danish surnames. They include Mrs Pipe Pond, Mr Blotch Castle and Mr North Twig. Meanwhile in the Netherlands, they didn’t really bother with…

Riviere development, looking quite nice a year on

new weir near Hertford Lock

London Limpics Limpness – Our Fabulous Handover Show

‘It’s very proud for London. Very proud for myself,’ squeaked David Beckham ungrammatically. Becks had come to Beijing to kick a football in a stilted fashion from the top of a London bus. He was joined by Leona Lewis –…

Cute Coot

The coot family who live on the weir have finally had a baby, and I’m pleased to say it’s doing very well.


Congratulations to Michael Phelps on his record-breaking eight golds at the Limpics. As a big swimming fan, with a bit of (amateur) competing behind me, I’m very happy for him. Phelps facts He was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder…