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Change Your Life on October 4th

If you’ve ever felt nervous about going to a party, meeting a new person, ‘working a room’, or breaking into a group, then this course is for you. It won’t turn you into a loud extrovert (what a horrible thought). But it will help you access your inner resources, ‘fake it to make it’ and use voice and body language techniques to boost your confidence – especially in public situations.
It’s run by top coach Henrietta Bond and – um – me. And it’s based on years of experience in the media and lots of confidence-boosting at the BBC and other prestigious organisations.
‘I don’t know how, but it’s changed my life,’ wrote someone after our last course. So – go on. Book a place. It’ll be fun, informal and interactive – and we’re very supportive.
20% off if you’re a Peacockshock visitor.
All the info on this course and ‘The Confident Presenter’ on November 8th is in the updates section of
See you there.


Thank goodness it’s September. Can’t stand August. I’ve never liked it.

A Small Thought About Being Old

I was thinking about what it feels like to be old the other day. And I realised that you’ve become old when you only like the tunes you already know.

Silly Surnames Contd Contd

I’ve just come across yet more silly names. Real legal practices called – Payne and Fear, Bicker and Bicker and ….. Ruff and Manly.