Monthly Archives: April 2009

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is the fluffytastic Fenix, who lives with my friend Nikki in Cheshunt.

Gan Canny London

I once saw a road sign near Durham that read ‘Gan Canny’. This is Geordie for ‘Go Slow’. Despite a relatively fast-lane reputation, I love going slowly and often make a point of ambling along and staring at things for…

Run Rabbit Run

It’s good to see that rabbit showjumping has now taken off in the UK.

Peruvian Asparagus

The English asparagus season is upon us and so I scuttled off to Waitrose to buy a ’round of grass’ as it’s correctly called. Imagine my horror when I looked at the label and it was from PERU – 6,320…

Would You LIKE a Bag?

Why do shop assistants say, ‘Would you LIKE a bag?’ Why put the emphasis on the verb? How are you supposed to reply? ‘No. I’d LOVE a bag’? or perhaps, ‘No. I’d DISLIKE a bag?’ Today, an assistant, who’d clearly…

An Embarrassment of Saints

St Gertrude of Nivelles It’s St George’s Day today. St George is the patron saint of Georgia, Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia, Montenegro and Ethiopia. And men in white vans, if today’s flags around Hertford are anything to go by. I’d quite…

posing with Henrietta and Franklin

Ding is having his nose tickled here. I believe this is a form of horse whispering.

In Paradisum

I spent Sunday afternoon at the wondrous Paradise Wildlife Park near Hertford.