Monthly Archives: May 2009

Taking my Hat off to a Dog

I went for a walk along the river today and was almost mauled to death by a very jolly-looking golden retriever.
‘It’s your hat,’ said his human. ‘He once had a bad experience with some people wearing hats and so hats upset him.’
‘I see,’ I replied, fending the dog off my throat. ‘Could you maybe get him off me?’
‘Just take your hat off,’ said the man.
I did. And the jolly retriever wagged his tail and ran off in a jolly fashion as if nothing had happened and I hadn’t almost just been killed.

Cats and Compost

I bought a small bag of compost today in a local shop. I also bought a small pouch of cat food.
‘I’d better not confuse the two,’ I quipped.
Silence. And then …
‘Does your cat eat compost then? How unusual.’
I’m used to such literalism in the USA, but not here.
‘No,’ I replied. ‘But she does like broccoli, asparagus and spring greens.’ I then scuttled out as quickly as possible before it got any more confusing.

Cats and Sneezing

I’ve done some spectacularly loud sneezes today thanks to the hayfever. But the Boll hasn’t flinched or run off once. If I shouted that loudly, she’d be upstairs like a shot and under the bed within seconds. Clearly, cats know what a sneeze is and recognise it as something totally non-threatening. This is one of the many good things about cats.

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is the lovely Archie. Archie is a lurcher and lives with Michael, Siobh

Daft as a Brush

Boll is very into the garden brush at the moment and likes sitting next to it.

Honey – I Shrunk The Maenads

As you may know, I’m very excited by my first ever rhododendron, which has finally flowered. It was visited by lots of bees yesterday. But they’d better be careful, because rhododendrons contain toxins which allegedly produce hallucinogenic ‘mad honey’. The maenads used it to induce their ravings. Xenophon’s army went loopy after eating it. And the amazonian Queen Olga of medieval Kiev gave mad honey to invading Russians, then killed them once they’d gone into a hallucinatory stupor.

a bee on my rhododendron

Hertford – Tales of the Riverbank

There were lots of people by the river on Sunday afternoon. They were even swimming near Hertford Lock and outside the Old Barge. Here are some pix I took on a walk over Folly Bridge, down Riverside and up to the King’s Meads.

the jetty near my house

a maltings (or is it an oast house?) – not sure about the terminology

a dog moors his narrowboat outside the Old Barge

Folly Island

a rabbit on King’s Meads – I saw about 15 of them

a boat near King’s Meads