Monthly Archives: June 2009

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is a fennec fox. Fennec foxes have big ears to dissipate the desert heat and to hear small creatures, such as locusts, walk on the sand.

Friend’s Website – Lea

Lea is a brilliant naive artist and her website features vibrant, imaginative, funny and uplifting paintings of cats, badgers, rabbits, crows, humans and angels. As she puts it, ‘naive art is characterised by a certain innocence, a rich colourful…

A Bifidus is a Bifidus is a Bifidus…

…to quote Gertrude Stein, sort of. I’m seething. I got all excited recently when the Danone yoghurt ads started going on about Bifidus Actiregularis. I was thrilled at the arrival of a new friendly bacterium. It seemed like a positively…

Six Degrees

I once spent a day with Michael Jackson‘s sister LaToya in 1988. We were at an American airbase in Suffolk, with Bob Hope. Yes – Bob Hope. That means I’m one degree of separation from Michael (and Bing Crosby, come…

Sign of the Times

I noticed this interestingly amended sign in an important office in a well-known broadcasting organisation today.

Green Shoots

An encouraging harbinger for the economy. My Norwegian Spruce has suddenly developed green shoots.


I just read an article about Robert Pattinson from the vampire film Twilight. And it had to happen – the newspapers have started calling him RPaz. Susan Boyle, the Hairy Angel, has now mysteriously metamorphosed into SuBo. Stray into the…

Gangsta Annie A Cookies

Paws for Thought

Bolly likes sitting next to me on the sofa when I’m reading and often falls asleep under the glare of the lamp. Her solution is … to cover her eyes with her paws. This is exceedingly cute as you can…

Little Bollsy Divey

Boll and I gave the garden ivy its annual haircut today. It now looks like an old lady with a stiff perm.