Monthly Archives: July 2009

On Vacation – Back Soon

We’re having a few days off (at home – why go away?) See you soon.

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is the lovely Bollinger.

That Plinth

As you can see, Boll’s hour on Anthony Gormley’s fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square was pretty uneventful.
You can follow the plinth’s other, less glamorous occupants by checking out The Guardian
I think it’s a fun idea and I don’t care whether it’s art or not. I wish the same could be said of some Times readers –
The plinth – Come off it!
God, humans bug me.
Have you ever wondered why this country is in such a mess? What a shambles.
A bunch of unknown people, with no artistic talents, doing nothing of any interest, in public, for an hour? This isn’t original art – Big Brother has been doing it for years.
I think we should all book a slot and then not use it. That way we have a nice empty plinth again so we can keep on wondering what to do with it.

Hooray Henry

I spent yesterday afternoon in London with the lovely Henry – Wilhelm and Guga’s basset hound puppy. We went for a spin in the park, where we got caught in a thunderstorm. Henry responded by rolling around in a puddle and had to have a shower.

Pin-Up of the Week

This week’s pin-up is a cat in a filing cabinet. All filing cabinets should come with a cat in my opinion.

Highly Scientific Kitten Graph

Where are you on this graph? I know where I am. I’m in the intelligent and rational bit.
Bolly says, ‘I know where I am too. Can I have a prawn please?’
Cats can talk. Yes they can. Don’t you give me that funny look.