Monthly Archives: December 2009

See You Soon

Have a lovely and relaxing time. Boll and I will be back online from January 5th 2010. Meanwhile, I will be tweeting, so do have a look at the Twitter column on the right if you want to follow our…

Can Peacocks Hibernate?

This week, I’ve spent a lot more time in bed than usual. And I’ve felt mildly agoraphobic and reclusive. Am I experiencing some kind of hibernation instinct? Some scientists argue humans do have the ability to hibernate. Professor Gerhard Heldmaier…

Christmas Pin-Up of the Day

Today’s Santa is a boll weevil. The boll weevil was very cooperative, having done catwalk in Milan and a couple of shoots for Insect Vogue.

Christmas Pin-Up of the Day

Today’s exclusive pin-up Santa is an amoeba. It was a difficult photoshoot. The amoeba was a complete diva and had issues about wearing a hat. But we got there eventually.