Monthly Archives: February 2010


I deserve to be flogged,
‘Cause I haven’t blogged
For quite a long while,
Which isn’t my style.
I’ve been rather busy
And in quite a tizzy.
But now I’m not slogging
So I can do blogging
And witter online
Like a crazed porcupine.

The Truth About Cats and Dogs

hyper-intelligent dog owner Paris Hilton
According to Bristol University research, cat owners are cleverer than dog owners. This is of course true. Although, as someone wrote in today’s Independent, cats don’t have owners – they just ‘lease their services to gullible people.’
The research also sheds light on recent experiments suggesting that dogs are more intelligent than cats. This was based on their respective willingness to follow a piece of string, or something equally stupid. The cats didn’t do it.
But this was clearly because they just couldn’t be bothered.