Monthly Archives: February 2010

Perrito y Cochinillo

Natasha and Peggy Sue
As you may know, my friends James and Jesus in Gran Canaria have a cute dog called Natasha. Well, Natasha now has a new flatmate – Peggy Sue the piglet. As you can see, they’re already best pals.


Me, with my assistant Deirdre
My new Calvin Klein rimless varifocals with ultra-thin Zeiss lenses have finally arrived and I really like them. The optician issued various dire prognostications about dizzy spells on the stairs and so on, but I’ve found the transition pretty easy. All you have to do is slightly tilt your head back when you look at close-up things, so you’re seeing the through the bottom bit of the lens.
As one varifocal support group puts it –
You should point your nose at that which you want to see …. and tuck your chin in when going down steps.
You can also emulate rapid zoom shots in films, by placing a mug or something in front of your nose and tilting your head suddenly. The mug’s in focus one second, but then a distant tree in the garden’s in focus and the mug’s blurred. It really is a hoot.

It’s All Good

Thank you to H for alerting me to this maddening new trend (which seems particularly prevalent in Hertford for some odd reason).
Basically, young people now say ‘it’s all good’ at every given opportunity.
No. It’s not. Some things are good. Some things are not.
Urban Dictionary defines ‘It’s all good’ as –
A platitude that covers so many emotions and situations that it says little. Its only real meaning is that the speaker is trying to rise above whatever problem exists, without expressing their underlying negative emotions. Often used in a passive-aggressive way. A favourite of inarticulate teens. Fills in the gaps between: like, dude, whatever, so, I dunno, hey etc.
A: ‘I’m breaking up with you.’
B: ‘Whatever. It’s all good.’