Monthly Archives: May 2010

Pin-Up of the Week

The weekly pet pin-up is back, by popular demand.
This week’s pin-up is the marvellous Max who lives with Karen in Hawaii. Max is probably a Polish Lowland Sheepdog. But, in the absence of sheep, he’s pursued an alternative vocation as a guard dog, with his headquarters under Karen’s chair.
His hobbies include dragging his mummy down the street and attacking towels which have been placed on the patio chairs for passing cats to sit on.
Bolly and I think he looks a bit like a Hawaiian surfer, with his long hair and good looks.

Like Stop Like Saying ‘Like’

I’m editing some interviews with children. And it’s like really like irritating me that like every other like word, they say like ‘like’.
For years, I’ve accepted ‘de-umming’ (editing out ums and urrs) as a hazard of the job.
‘Oooo. I sounded much more fluent than I thought I was,’ guests normally coo on hearing themselves – blissfully unaware I’ve been up half the night removing their assorted ums, urrs, grunts, snufflings, ungrammatical tangents and outbreaks of heavy breathing.
Thankfully, an um, urr or lipsmack is pretty easy to remove. Ums used to take up about an inch of tape (at 7.5 ips). They now look like obvious ink blots on editing screens.
But ‘likes’ are like much more like evasive.
Our children must be de-liked now. Expelled, thrown out onto the streets, disinherited, for uttering this syllable from Hell.

Bolly Takes Up Yoga

Breaking news. Boll has taken up yoga. Here she is, demonstrating the lotus position.

Six Degrees

Mike, recording Jedward in the studio
My friend Mike has just been producing Jedward in a commercial. You can even see the session on youtube. Mike’s the one with glasses who smiles a lot.
This means I’m just one degree away from Jedward, which makes me a mere two degrees away from Simon Cowell, Cheryl Cole, Louis Walsh and Danii Minogue, which means I’m just three degrees away from Kylie. I could go on.
Well done Mike. Very catchy. I assume you’ll now be getting a Jedward hairdo.

Whale Sighted in Hertford

Is it me, or are the fish in the River Lea getting bigger? This one was the length of three ducks.

Breaking Coot News

I’ve been fretting about the local coot. Normally, it builds a nest on the weir in early spring. But no sign this year … until yesterday, when I spotted it doing some coot DIY with twigs.


I took the new high-speed train down to Kent the other day, for a seaside saunter with friends Fran and Sarah. We had a delicious lunch at the Michelin-starred Sportsman in Seasalter. My choice was pickled herrings, followed by chicken with truffle sauce, then chocolate mousse with salted caramel.
After declaring lunch ‘divine’ (no other word would do), we headed for the charming old town of Whitstable, famed for its oysters.
I like an old-school shingle beach and Whitstable has a very picturesque one. We sat on a bench and watched the locals disporting themselves, including a nun eating fish and chips.