Monthly Archives: August 2010


Boll and I are taking a few days off, but we’ll be back at the start of September with lots of new stuff and updates on our latest activities. Bye for now xx


Having been called ‘mate’, ‘fella’ and ‘geezer’ by complete strangers in recent times, I thought I was unshockable. That was until someone called me ‘pal’ this week. I may be many things, but ‘pal’ isn’t one of them. I can…


It’s 3.37 am and I’m wide awake, sitting here with a glass of milk, watching Bolly asleep in her fluffy bed which resembles an upside-down winter hat. Thankfully, I don’t get insomnia very often. But when I do, it lasts…

UFO On Stairs

I spotted this unidentified fluffy object on the stairs this evening.

Time Capsules Programme

I’m presenting a programme about time capsules this week. It’s called We were here – how to create your own time capsule And it’s on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30 BST on Thursday (5 August). It’s a Radio Times Choice…

Gritty Urban Herts

Here are some of the top stories (for real) from this week’s Hertfordshire Mercury – Back from holiday – to find squirrels have wrecked home Dog grooming parlour could open in Cuffley and A Hertford man was accused of being…

Genuine Privacy in Idyllic Ibiza

Please note – especially if you’re a TV property show presenter – that the above phrase is pronounced (at last in the UK) – GENU-INN PRIVV-ACY IN IDD-ILLIC IBB-EETHA and not, I repeat NOT – GENU-EYE-N PR-EYE-VACY in EYE-DILLIC EYE-BEETHA