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Music for Moggies

I love the serendipity of Spotify (did I really write that?) and was delighted to stumble on Classical Music For You And Your Cat which I’m listening to now. (Bolly’s asleep upstairs, so isn’t available for comment. Her favourite composer is Bartlomeo de Bol-inger, obviously.)

I was hoping for a bit of Cat-alini, Cat-achurian or Puss-cini, but it’s mostly Handel, Mozart, Beethoven – that sort of thing. I have really liked all the tracks though, including the Allegro ma non troppo from Beethoven’s 6th, which was the first classical piece I knew. I used to play it on my glockenspiel when I was five.

Am I enjoying it because I’m a cat person? I need to know. I’m also anxious to know how they chose the tracks and what they said in the meeting. Was there a cat present?

Next on the Spotify list is Classical Music For You And Your Dog. Will I like it as much? Possibly. I like dogs too.

I’m also looking forward to listening to Fauré for Ferrets, Haydn for Hamsters, Bartók for Budgies, Rossini for Rabbits and Gershwin for Gerbils. Sorry. Made those ones up.

Watch Out Kylie!

My friend Uwe (aka Oover Matic) has a fab new single out, on iTunes, on Monday 27 September. His cool electro band has recently been featured in i-D, French Vogue and Figaro and played for Comme des Garçons in Paris.

The new single’s a classic catchy pop song. I love it. So does Boll. And we know what we’re talking about.

Few and Far Between video

Jane Burton – Amazing Animal Photos

I’ve recently discovered the brilliant animal photographs of Jane Burton, who sadly died in 2007. The Telegraph described her book A Cat’s Life as ‘a heart-warming collection of beautiful images of cats and kittens that will leave cat-lovers purring with delight’ and I totally agree.
A Cat’s Life on Amazon
Jane lived in Surrey and adopted no less than 60 cats over the years. Her photos clearly show her empathy with cats and all manner of creatures – not to mention extraordinary patience. Apparently, she’d sometimes wait four hours or more for the right shot!
You can see a lot more of her photos at
Definitely worth a visit.

Worst Cold Ever

I’ve just had the worst cold ever. Literally. It was literally the very worst cold anyone has ever had. It was, indeed, the worst cold ever, ever, ever. Never has there been a cold worse than it. It was the worst cold ever. And by ‘ever’, I mean ‘ever’.