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Control Freak – Highly Recommended

My friend Henrietta’s fab new novel is out now. You can get Control Freak on Amazon for just £6.71

It’s basically Skins meets Hollyoaks meets Jane Austen. And it takes the form of a teenager’s diary as she goes it alone in a shared house, after a life in the care system.

I read it in one go. It’s gripping, moving, vivid, and a brilliant evocation of teenage life in the 21st century. I’d thoroughly recommend it for adults and teens alike.

There are some great characters, from the uptight but loveable ‘control freak’ Holly, to her vulnerable gay brother Ryan, to the mysterious hearthrob Ptolemy.

There are dramatic twists. The dialogue is highly realistic. And there are some really subtle insights into adolescence, family and the scary limbo state of being a care leaver. But it’s not remotely worthy in tone.

As a programme maker, I saw TV potential within the first few pages.

As a former English teacher, I found myself wishing I’d had this as a set book – with its potential for discussions and spin-off projects.

As a media trainer of carers, teenagers in care and care leavers, it felt totally real. It would be an empowering read for any teen in care and an excellent stimulus for discussion.

To quote Jacqueline Wilson, creator of Tracy Beaker, Control Freak is a ‘sincere, simply-told, ultra-convincing story that shows what it’s like to branch out on your own after a childhood in care.’

Henrietta Bond

Bloggy Patches

I’ve been pinging all over the UK this week. And Bolly and I are now on holiday till Halloween, when we’ll be returning on our designer broomsticks. Normal Peacockshock service will be resumed then.

World’s Longest Cat

Boll and I were excited to discover there’s a new world’s longest cat. Stewie, a Maine Coon from Reno Nevada, is four feet (48.5 inches) long. The previous world record holder, Leo, was a mere 47 inches long.

Another Extraordinary E-Fit From Hampshire Police

This e-fit is real. No, really. Hampshire Police have done it again. He’s clearly part of the notorious gang led by the menacing lettuce lookalike (see earlier posting). Do not approach this youth. His ludicrous hairdo may cause a fatal outbreak of incredulous laughter.

Maggie Smith Downton Abbey Quotation of the Week

‘No Englishman would ever dream of dying in someone else’s house.’

The Turkish prince who died mysteriously in this week’s Downton Abbey

Hertford Pub Advert

I’ve always liked the White Horse on Castle Street. Very olde worlde with a log fire and high codger count. And I like it even more now, after seeing ths ad in the street.


I just stumbled on an old video of my rabbits Moët and Chandon. Lots of shots of them when they were small. Here are some stills. Aren’t they cute?

When they first arrived at Peacock Towers in Oxford

Afternoon nap (by the way – they were only in this small hutch temporarily)

Chand in the run on the lawn

The rabbits got on very well with Bolly

I reckon Chandon’s bigger than Bolly here