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Allegations of ‘inappropriate behaviour’ by member of the Troll Family Wraith diplomats ‘ordered to spy’ on United Goblins Oberon ‘urges Fairyland to bomb Narnia’ Grave fears – are rogue gnomes stockpiling wands? Sugar Plum Fairy ‘driven by paranoia’ Related stories…


Bolly decided to impersonate a mermaid on the sofa last night.

Tern Attack

The poor ducks of Herford had a bit of competition yesterday when I was feeding them. I guess the terns have flown inland because of the Siberian weather, so you can’t blame them. But they’re not very good at taking…

Gratuitous Duck Joke

A duck walks into a chemists. ‘Can I have some lip salve please?’ it asks. ‘Certainly sir,’ replies the assistant. ‘Would you like to pay for it now?’ ‘No,’ says the duck. ‘Just stick it on my bill.’

Rudolf The Obscure Reindeer

Hertfordshire Coat of Arms, modelled by Rudolf and friend I was in a cafe with an Italian friend yesterday and happened to mention Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer. ‘Who?’ he asked. So (as you do) I asked the girl behind the…

Alan Wick

Alnwick Castle Note to BBC TV News during the snow in Northumberland – Alnwick’s not pronounced ALAN-wick. It’s ANN-ick. Ponteland isn’t PONT-ee-land. It’s Pon-TEE-land. You have a Pronunciation Unit. Phone it. Thank you.

New Westerhope Book – By My Dad Tom Peacock

Dad’s new book is out now. It’s an excellent history of Westerhope Village near Newcastle, where I was born, with loads of archive photos and interesting stories. One fascinating fact from the book – it’s called ‘Westerhope’ because it was…

Shock Headline

Thankfully, it’s not as bad as it seems. It’s all about Geordie teeth which are quite similar to Neanderthal ones at equivalent ages, suggesting Neanderthals didn’t age as quickly as we thought.

Cat – A Tonic

Bolly had stress-induced cystitis again this morning. For a laid-back cat who purrs non-stop, she does have her moments. So off we pootled to Chestnut Vets for an injection. The vet said I should double her Cystaid tablet dose and…

Homo Not Very Erectus

human quadruped family in Turkey I’ve had a bad back for several weeks now. But thankfully the physio’s helping and I’m even allowed to swim ten lengths a day now – very slowly. Much as I like being a biped,…