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Yuletide Blog

Boll and I are handing Peacock Towers over to friends as we head north. We may be tweeting but won’t be blogging. Normal Peacockshock services will resume in 2011. We wish you a Moggy Christmas and a Fluffy New Year.

It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

I’m presenting It Was A Dark And Stormy Night (rpt) about the mad Victorian novelist behind that line (with Hertford and Knebworth connections) on BBC Radio 4 at 11.30 pm GMT on Thursday 23 December. Listen, or I’ll arrange for you to be haunted.

Heathrow is Going Forward

A BAA chap just apologised on the radio for the fact that Heathrow Airport’s virtually shut thanks to a bit of snow. He added that they were doing their best to rectify this, ‘going forward’.
Business people are always ‘going forward’ I’ve noticed, even if they’re going backwards.
Do they say, ‘I’m reversing the car, going forward’ I wonder?
Probably, going forward.
Anyway, as I write, Heathrow’s still at a standstill, going forward.
I must stop this, going forward.

Hertford Castle

Beckwiths Antiques

Samuel Stone – who founded Hartford Connecticut

The Hertford Hart

Bluecoats – the old Christ’s Hospital School