Monthly Archives: January 2011

White Stadt

Decades after World War II, it seems the Germans are trying to take over again. This time, it’s by subtly renaming English places on Google Maps. This afternoon, I had to look up White City in London (where BBC TV…

Sdrawkcab Gnimmiws

There I was, at the pool, minding my own business, when I noticed a very old man swimming in the slow lane and realised he was going backwards. At first, I thought I was imagining it. But, no, he was…


I woke up in a panic this morning, realising I was out of coffee. And Waitrose doesn’t open till 10. Then, caught in a shaft of heavenly sunlight (metaphorical), I espied it on the kitchen bench. My coffee jar. Full.…

Genetically Modified Moggies

I was shocked to see these genuine photos of controversial genetic species blends, such as this catpanda and duckmogg, on a disturbing GM Pets website

Photobombing Pets

Bolly and I are big fans of this website featuring cats photobombing dogs (and vice versa – but cats are better at it).

Cats That Stick Their Tongues Out

As you know, Boll sticks her tongue out pretty regularly – sometimes for ten minutes at a time. So we were relieved to discover it’s normal, when we stumbled on a website devoted to cats sticking their tongues out

Puppy Porcupine

Amazing and very funny clip of a pet porcupine who thinks he’s a puppy

All Rah Cuckoo

I was in Tescos earlier and overheard a yoof on his mobile. ‘All right, cool cool,’ he said. Only it sounded more like, ‘All rah cuckoo.’ And he said it again. All rah cuckoo. And again – All rah cuckoo.…

Boiled as an Owl

An elderly relative recently referred to people getting squiffy after a few drinks, which I imagine to be tipsy with added staggering. But it’s not as bad as pallatic (which, as far as I know, is a Geordie mispronunciation of…

As P***ed as a ****

Another expression for drunk is, of course, ‘as p****ed as a newt’. But, oddly, newts aren’t noted in the amphibian community for binge drinking in newtclubs. The simile is actually derived from ‘as p***ed as a mute‘. Mutes were professional…